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Coaching FAQs

Curious about         Coaching?

1. What is Coaching all about?

Professional Coaching is an ongoing relationship built on a foundation of trust, safety, and collaboration.The coach helps to facilitate personal and professional growth by partnering with the client to discover their unique strengths and talents, offer fresh perspectives, elicit solutions and strategies set by the client and encourage focused action to move them forward.Together, through conscious and thoughtful choices, the client is able to make progress, find fulfillment and improve their lives by participating in a journey of self-discovery and aligning their strengths, values, and talents with their passions and goals.


2. How is Coaching different from therapy?

Coaches are not mental health experts.  Sometimes it is helpful look at the past to see how an experience has informed our thinking, emotions, sensitivities, etc. but it is not within a Coach’s scope to fully explore past traumas and look at “Why” an event happened. A Coach works as an equal partner to help create a learning environment and ultimately guide the client toward future possibilities.  The Coach bears no responsibility or authority over the client’s outcomes.


3. What are the benefits of Coaching?

Coaching can have a profound impact on your everyday life and on the long-term direction of your life.  When you choose to partner with a Coach, you open yourself up to new perspectives and ultimately new possibilities.  The Coach serves as a guide to listen to your challenges, encourage you towards growth, believe that you are more than capable of change, hold you accountable to the progress you desire, and empower you to take all that you’ve learned to move you forward in life. Regular sessions afford you the opportunity to talk through important matters, set up structures or routines for areas of struggle or weakness, develop work arounds for lagging skills and together create action steps that make implementing your personal plans achievable.  The relationship offers you a safe place to challenge old beliefs, struggle in transition, and borrow courage to move confidently in the direction of the life you desire. 


4. What can I expect from a coaching relationship with Yjasming?


As your coach, my role is to help you learn more about yourself, grow in awareness, uncover your strengths and successes, and help forward your goals. I will listen deeply, acknowledge your challenges, reflect, ask powerful questions, give perspective, and help you break down action steps. I will support you, believe in you, and celebrate you! I am a person of integrity and will keep all our conversations and correspondences confidential. My job is to empower you to make the changes you want to see in your life!

5. What are some areas that Yjasming can help her clients?

  • Letting go of negative habits    

  • Weak executive functions         

  • Creating healthy habits

  • Mindfulness & Self-awareness

  • Procrastination & Motivation

  • Organization

  • Identifying strengths, values, talents, learning & processing styles

  • Ruminating thoughts

  • Achieving goals        

  • Time Management

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Overwhelm and burnout

  • Forgetfulness & poor working memory

  • Focus and attention

  • Social skills

  • Living the life you really really want!

6. What type of coaching does Yjasming offer?

Individual Life Coaching: I work with individuals who desire one-on-one personal life coaching to help them let go of habits and mindsets that are not serving them, and move forward towards living a life that's in alignment with their strengths, values, talents and skills. Through conscious exploration, reflection, growing in awareness and the use of some helpful tools clients can create new structures, techniques, and practices to help them achieve the change they want to see in their lives.


Individual ADHD Coaching: I also offer one-one-one ADHD coaching to support adults who need a guide to help them navigate the challenges of ADHD. I help them setup healthy practices and systems to bring more order and calm, offer insights and understanding of how their neurodiverse brain works, and my work with my clients to discover their strengths and talents so they can unwrap the gift that is often hidden deep within.

College Student ADHD Coaching: I partner with college students and high school seniors with ADHD to help scaffold the organizational and planning skills they need to manage their busy schedules and mounting workload. We also use our coaching time to strengthen other weak executive functions, develop the student's self-awareness and metacognition, work on stress management and develop any lagging social skills. 

Parent Coaching: For those families who are seeking guidance on how to support their young child or teen (ages 6 - 16 yrs old) with ADHD.  


7. How can we connect?

Yjasming offers in-person coaching for local residents of Charlotte, NC. In addition, coaching sessions are available by phone and video Zoom conference. 

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