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A Few of my Favorite Things...

Timed Timer

A timed timer is one of my absolute favorite tools to help me, my family and my clients to manage time blindness.  It serves as a great visual cue to show the passing of time and alerts us when it's time to transition.  


365 Blanket

For those of us women who are 40 plus years old and fluctuating hormones are keeping you from a good nights sleep - this is the blanket for you!  It's a high quality, cozy, perfectly weighted blanket AND it helps regulate your body temperature so you're not too hot or too cold! Sweet dreams!


Sensory Swing 

Swinging can help our kids with sensory processing challenges to better organize their thinking and regulate their bodies.  A sensory swing can be an effective tool to integrate into your child's day to help them calm and focus. 


Password Book

Tired of resetting your password every few weeks because you can't hold the insane amount of user ids and passwords you're required to have in your head??  A Password Book helps you conserve your mental energy and free up your working memory for more important information!


Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens

Are you a student? Avid planner and scheduler? This just may well be your new favorite pen!  They write smoothly and the best part...they erase!  And without leaving smudges and/or holes in your paper.  If you're picky about your pens, you may want to check those fun handwriting tools out!


Key Ring Bracelet

Are you always losing your keys at the bottom of your purse? Do you throw them down in random places and spend the next 20 minutes looking for them? A cute key ring bracelet, like this, can help keep your keys attached to you - saving you time and headache!

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