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Meet Yjasming

Professional Life Coach & Certified ADHD Coach

Hi, I’m Yjasming! I'm a 40 plus year old mother of two daughters and live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As much as I love the Carolinas, I'm still a Texan at heart! Let me share with you a little bit about my story. 


Both as an adolescent and young woman I always knew there was something a little different about me. But, I could never figure out what it was...why I felt like I so often "missed the memo."  I was a day-dreamer, highly-sensitive, and at times, struggled to socially connect with my peers.  Despite my issues with focus and reading comprehension, I was an A/B student and very self-motivated.   So, I couldn’t possibly have ADHD, right?  I learned how to mask my internal chatter and deficiencies through perfectionism in an effort to keep up my “good girl” appearance. While I put on the façade of having it all together, even making decent grades throughout high school and college, the unchecked and untreated symptoms of ADHD led to poor decision making, impulsivity and struggle in my personal life.   


Later, as I entered into motherhood and the complexities and responsibilities of family life began to grow, I found myself floundering.   Anxiety and overwhelm reared it's ugly head again. And then enter the pandemic.  While I wish to never experience what we all went through during those initial weeks and months of the pandemic, I am also grateful for what surfaced. Grateful, because that unique time and circumstance brought to light the truth that was so easily lost in the daily grind of our prior “normal” life.  The shut-down offered my family a unique time to pause and slow down. Through that reckoning, our suspicions were confirmed: that both of our daughters had ADHD. 


Right away, I began to devour all the information I could on ADHD.  I read books, listened to podcasts, subscribed to channels, newsletters, etc.  And it was in that time, in my quest to do everything I could to support my girls, that I had my personal “aha moment.” I have ADHD too! I’ve come to learn that this is a very shared experience of mom’s who have children with ADHD.  For the first time, I felt completely understood, validated, and seen.  I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t dumb. I didn’t have a brain tumor or the beginnings of Alzheimer’s (a serious thought I entertained!). I had ADHD! And after seeing some positive changes in my personal well-being and in the individual lives of my family unit, I knew that I wanted to bring a little light to other women (and men too) who are looking for an experienced guide to navigate the road ahead of them.


For me, deciding to be an ADHD Life Coach, was a wonderful way to have my strengths, talents, skills, and values all in alignment.  If you need someone who not only understands your struggles but who will also help offer accountability, support, and guidance towards your path ahead, I am here to coach you along the way!

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